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Darrieux). Melanie Beck (Tara Buckman) learns the news by television, but can not imagine that she will soon come under the scrutiny of the maniac. . Samson, an old friend of Alan's, is convinced Alan has been killed and swears to revenge his death. Next is la piege It starts off with Fernando Arrabal in a shop full of rat poison and huge traps showing off his wares. Charles Masson (Michel Bouquet) is a successful ad man with a loving wife, Helene (Stephane Audran two children, and a close friendship with his next-door neighbor Francois Tellier (Francois Perier an architect who designed both of their houses. In provincial Italy, a group of youths born into money, form an amoral and basically bored bunch.

ADD TO shopping cart vengeance IS mine (1968)-Uncut and letterboxed. Having made some pretty respectable thrillers such Le Pacha (1968) Georges Lautner returned to the genre for which he best known, the decidedly off-the-wall comedy-thriller. All in all, this is a hell of a lot of fun. Even Richard Rush's classic THE stunt MAN made a decade later, for all its quirkiness could have benefited from some of the plot gimmicks Baldi used. All I can do is become more monstrous than they are!" ADD TO shopping cart THE gang (1977)-In French with English subs, letterboxed print. The Chief (Michel Bouquet) is a drug dealer whose empire ranges beyond the country guilty of legalizing drugs. And Im happy to report that its very good. Its been described as a ghost story without a ghost. She does just that and soon finds herself caught up in a sexual merry-go-round that includes making a hardcore porno film in Sweden, an escapade with a German sadist and a lesbian e women in this are blonde and drop dead gorgeous. His holiday is suddenly interrupted when Nico is urgently called to Milan where a well-known Roman crook, Venticello, has been arrested and accused of murder.

They corner him and fatally wound him, but he manages to slip the map of the hidden money to his rescuer, Joe. The other two decide to lie low in the country but do not really trust each other especially since the leader (an intense John Drew Barrymore) is obviously a psycho. Vicky loves Ricardo, but Ricardo loves Barbara. Aging writer and philosopher, Zénon Ligre, comes to Bruges using a false name and papers to serve as a physician to the poor, establishing a clinic and steam bath. Stars Barbara Bouchet and Erna Schuerer! . I thought - and don't hold me to this as a firm plotline - that gamblers need a certain ambivalence toward other players, that there is no "friendly game". ADD TO shopping cart THE sword AND THE cross (1958)-In italian with english subs, Letterboxed print. The only resemblance between this version and the ancient tragedy is that the three principle characters are slated for an uncertain future among the living. He returns from the dead to kill off his greedy relatives, or does he?


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Then one night Simona is attacked by a masked man. Thomson, Hollis McLaren, Peter Hicks, Sonny Forbes, Murray Westgate and the aforementioned Laurent Malet co-star. As for the cast, its top notch. With: John Anderson, Nando Angelini, Edward Barret, Gianni Dei, Germaine Gesny, Richard Gillies, Gordon MacWinter, Jack Murphy, Stefania Nelli. Posing as the prostitute's long-lost brother "Antonio Cerruti he discovers a mare's nest of police corruption. Lopez' soft and fragile voice gives the film a classic touch. But Kirk's great love is always a million dollars and not a secret formula.

THE faceless giants handle with care magdalena possessed BY THE devil MAN opying trapeze 3 supermen IN THE jungle electic chair TOP secret neiss THE hand sicilian connection THE forbidden photos oady above suspicion love deal dangerous attraction. The Sensual Man stars Giancarlo Giannini, dapper as ever, as a sexually obsessed Italian nobleman, and details his erotic exploits over the course of the early to mid 20th century. Beautiful Brigitte Bardot stars. Perhaps a little over-ambitious for the casual audience unfamiliar with the Italian world of entertainment and politics, La Terrazza involves a total of eight main protagonists and how they have changed or are changing.  Bénazéraf said, Well, if you wantbut why not My Grandfathers Bollocks! Forget the 76 minute dubbed abortion released here, this the uncut version (94 minutes!) of this Chris Lee horror comedy. On a higher level "Le Soldattese" becomes a deep examination of one relatively minor but revealing absurdity (prostitutes being carried to brothels in a war-torn area to boost troop morale) overlapping the bigger, related absurdity of the war itself and Mussolini-era fascism.

Although the detective has enough evidence to conclude the murder was committed by some paranormal force, he insists that the doctor was killed by a wild cat. Another extremely rare Spaghetti Western! ADD TO shopping cart MIL sexos tiene LA noche (1984)-In Spanish with English subs, letterboxed print. Gringo tries to protect her and is left in the desert all alone. ADD TO shopping cart santo VS THE headhunters (1969)-In Spanish with English subs. ADD TO shopping cart paris pickup (1962)-In French with eng subs, letterboxed print.

Unable to win her back, he decides to take revenge by locking Eva in her new apartment, inside which he has released a deadly mamba snake ADD TO shopping cart MAN with THE ICY eyes (1971)-In Italian with English subs and letterboxed! Young adventurer Gipo owns one fifth of a rock illustrating the location of a rich gold mine. And I love that when Gonzalez's wife Cynthia packs up the kids and drives from another town in search of her husband, she does so in a white early 60s Cadillac limo. Clothilde and Jean know each other from the cafe and Clothilde hitches a ride to see her mother in Bordeaux. Mexican horror anthology film Pánico takes place in 3 parts. Naturally, representatives from the network want to get their hands on this evidence, and so do Scotland Yard. The killer may equally well be dead, a ghost, or a figment of Blanca's imagination.

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Menn som tisser villige bøsse gutter Lollo here shows all her histrionic (excellent comediant) and physical (see in that suit)talent. "La Orca" was a rather notorious film about a spoiled teenage girl (Rena Neihaus) who is kidnapped and has to use her sexual wiles to survive. A great French/Italian caper film starring stavanger thai homo massasje escort service norway Jean Seberg. A lively-enough Western but at times stupidly melodramatic, it takes advantage of its one central plot device (the tragically murdered father) over and over again in repetitive and at times ill advised way.
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